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Who we are, in a nutshell

The Acupuncture Academy is the creation of Julie Reynolds and Jen Wade, following on from the closure of the original five element college at which they taught, the College of Traditional Acupuncture, first in Leamington Spa, and later in Hatton.

Opened in 2012, using pioneering teaching methods and an all new approach to the teaching of acupuncture theory, the team have been working together for 12 years now, have graduated 18 cohorts of students, and have an impressive 96% student satisfaction rating (which doesn't mean 4% weren't happy, but that on average, everyone was 96% happy!)

It will be said elsewhere we are sure, but TAA is a family, and a thriving family as a result of hard work, of kindness, support and connection, and because of the positivity of the Principals, the tutors, the supervisors, and all of the staff. 

We work with humour, with diligence, and with the happiness and welfare of our students, our graduates and their future patients at the heart of every single decision that we make.  If you are thinking of training to become an acupuncturist, we are confident that you will love it here, and thrive with our support.

Jen Wade and Julie Reynolds

Co-founders and Joint Principals

Jacqui Jensen

Finance, office manager, tutor and all round superstar

Dana Derry

Administrative officer and venue superstar

Guy Caplan

First and second year tutor and Head of Points

Juanita Bolster

First and second year tutor and Head of Skills

Lucy Inman

Fiona Bullock

Clinical year tutor

Clinical year tutor

Meet the team

Floraine Eastelow

First and second year tutor

Celia Tudor-Evans

Student Support Officer (and TAA mentor)

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