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Student Mental Health research project
- in conjunction with Warwick University

In late 2022 we published our research on acupuncture for young people’s mental health, undertaken in conjunction with Warwick University and funded by a British Acupuncture Council grant. This funding allowed us to offer eight free treatments to students experiencing mental wellbeing issues from Warwick University and Warwick Medical School, as well as other local universities and colleges.  The results were impressive, and led us to set up the Wellbeing Clinic so that the good work could continue.


If you are interested in knowing more, and would like to read the paper, just click on the image.

And in other news...

  • Our Head of Clinical year,  Julie Reynolds, carried out the first randomised controlled trial of Five Element acupuncture for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Click here to read her paper

  • Deputy Head of Clinical year Michelle Venter is currently undertaking a PhD exploring acupuncture’s role in global sustainable development with Warwick University. Watch this space for the research and publications she is working on!

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