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Continuing Professional Development

We run a small CPD programme currently (quite busy looking after our lovely students!), but have a couple of courses on offer, currently open to TAA graduates.  Scroll down if you are looking for a first aid course though, or would like to register an interest in 'Five Element Practice for TCM practitioners' (currently under construction), or in our new graduate mentoring/clinical supervision programme (also coming soon!)

To book your place, click on the buttons on the images below, or follow the links in the red section  

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Additional courses

First Aid in the workplace - a one day course with Alex Brazkiewicz - these will be held on  the 19th April, 13th June, 5th September and 25th October 2024

- please click here to book direct with Holos (select 'Leamington venue')




Five Element theory and practice for TCM practitioners ** 


- this course is currently under construction, and will be open to graduates from any BAAB accredited college.  Please register and interest via our contact form, and we will get in touch with an update when one is available 


Graduate mentoring and clinical supervision programme**

- Coming soon!  Also go through our contact form to register an interest

** denotes a course for qualified practitioners only - BAAB accredited colleges

Under construction
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