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About the course

The professional licentiate at The Acupuncture Academy is the only fully accredited, honours degree level course in the UK that has its roots firmly planted in the Five Element tradition. It is also the only accredited course to make such extensive use of new virtual learning technology. 

In addition, they study anatomy, research and biomedicine, with all subjects covered using a highly effective mix of class time, e-lessons, videos, tutorials and forums. TAA graduates will therefore be well equipped for all and every eventuality that clinical practice can throw at them, and for those times when a practice situation falls outside their knowledge or experience.

We are totally unique. teaching the very old using the very newest techniques... and we are responsible for passing on a system of medicine that we hold very dearly. We see our students as individuals and understand that each and every one deserves to be treated as such, to be respected, and to be given the very highest standard of teaching and support. 

TAA is a family, and we are proud of this. Family members are answerable to each other, and we are most definitely answerable to our students, putting them first at all times. Our current ‘student satisfaction rating’, across all student groups, is 96% …. Check it out against the National Student Survey results 😀

So, we work with humour, with diligence, and with the happiness and welfare of our students, our graduates and their patients at the heart of every single decision that we make. Taken together, this is the ‘TAA difference’…

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